Electro Mechanic

MAC Incorporated

Electro Mechanic Monroe Township, New Jersey
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Electro Mechanic 2nd shift 3:30PM -Midnight Shift Sunday-Thursday OR Tuesday-Saturday  


1.0 Purpose:     To describe the duties and responsibilities of the 

3.0 Responsibilities:
3.1 Performs repairs and preventive maintenance on all facility and production equipment.
3.2 All work performed will be in accordance to GMP’s.
3.3 Troubleshoots and corrects all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic malfunctions on production equipment.
3.4 Performs housekeeping duties as required.
3.5 Assist in the proper training of new and existing personnel throughout the operation. Work as a Lead Mechanic on projects directing the activities of others.
3.6 Follow lock-out/tag-out procedures.
3.7 Facilitate repairs in a timely manner.
3.8 Follow requirements established under Job Safety Analysis training.
3.9 Other duties as assigned.

4.0 Qualifications:
4.1 Skills
4.1.1 Strong and effective communication skills (verbal and written). This is essential in order to fill out work orders, order parts, vendor relations, shift to shift communications, and communication within and outside of the department.
4.1.2 Competent at separating hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic problems from electrical problems on all industrial systems, and pinpoint all electrical problems. Competent at reading and understanding electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic schematics.
4.1.3 Must be competent to work on and repair any system on the Rainville, Bekum, Sidel and Nissei equipment.
4.1.4 Capable to troubleshoot all electrical malfunctions with the use of instrumentations, i.e.: amp probe, digital voltmeter, analog meter, wiggy voltage tester, oscilloscope, continuity tester, multi-purpose meter or chart recorder.
4.1.5 Competent on repairing most electrical problems.
4.1.6 Competent at shop wiring of power, and control circuits of industrial equipment.
4.1.7 Competent to troubleshoot and repair all hydraulic and pneumatic issues, i.e.: in sizing replacement components and piping for existing system; proficient in pump changeover installations, and similar system modification. Capable of rebuilding pumps, valves and cylinders.
4.1.8 The ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair mechanical malfunctions. Must be able to read and comprehend mechanical drawings and how they relate to the sequence of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams, i.e.: In repairing, overhauling, replacing or installing conveyor systems; repairing water pumps and cooling system; repairing all problems with the vacuum handling system; maintaining, repairing and overhauling grinders and pre-pinch assemblies.
4.1.9 The ability to consult with vendors during preventive maintenance, projects and during troubleshooting process of facility or machinery problems to resolve them. Competent in communicating with co-workers and supervisor; able to lead other mechanics or vendors during on-site preventive maintenance or repairs; read and understand blueprints, ladder diagrams and technical manuals; proficient in using component parts and parts manuals to obtain required parts from vendors.
4.1.10 Must have a firm understanding and ability to fabricate with various metals, i.e.: properly weld by using the following welding process: mig, tig, gas, brazing, Heli-Arc and arc welder. Must be able to competently use the following machine shop equipment: lathe, mill, horizontal band saw, vertical band saw, hand press and hose crimper, calipers and micrometers.
4.1.11 Must be proficient in troubleshooting, calibrating and repairing oil circulating and water heating units.
4.1.12 Operate compressed air, tower water and chilled water systems and perform basic troubleshooting to get the systems back on-line.
4.1.13 Ability to set-up support and auxiliary equipment, including Mokon, Sterlcos, Advantage, AEC units, material dryers, bowl flamers, inline and top flamers, SKF’s, spin trimmers and misc. customer specific specialty equipment, i.e.: PurePak. Calibrate extrusion heads in support of head changes and troubleshoot, repair programming circuit if head does not calibrate.
4.1.14 Must be able to retain technical information and follow multi task instructions.
4.1.15 Must have basic math skills to include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and decimals.
4.1.16 Able to read, write, speak and understand directions and instructions.
4.2 Education and/or Equivalent Experience
4.2.1 High school diploma or equivalent.
4.2.2 Appropriate vocational training
4.2.3 18 – 24 months as a Mechanic “B”.
4.3 Physical Requirements/Work Environment
4.3.1 Must be able to work nine (9) hours per day, five (5) days per week. Overtime may be necessary.
4.3.2 Must provide own hand tools.
4.3.3 Must work shift hours and days of the week as required.
4.3.4 Must have a high degree of mobility, some repairs require awkward positions in order to access all areas of equipment (such as squatting and laying under machines). Must be able to climb a ladder.
4.3.5 Ability to comply with cGMP requirements – hairnets, beard guards, etc.  No jewelry except plain band without stones.
4.3.6 Noise level is 90dB.
4.3.7 Polyethylene, polystyrene, PET, polypropylene, polyurethane and purging compound materials are both processed and ground, which provides some fumes and dust.
4.3.8 Must be able to wear protective clothing such as steel toed shoes, earplugs, hard hat and Arc Flash equipment.
4.3.9 Will have exposure to high-pressure moving parts, shielded surfaces, which have elevated temperatures (350 – 600 degrees), high-pressure hydraulic systems, and high voltage and amperage systems.
4.3.10 Must be able to lift 35 lbs. occasionally during the day.
4.3.11 Must be able to stand approximately 60% of the day.
4.3.12 This position requires a high level of interaction with all personnel, which requires hearing skills. Must be able to interact with other employees.
4.3.13 Maintenance personnel are a part of the Plant Emergency Organization Team, which requires them to move quickly to shut-off main electric and gas service in the event of an emergency.

5.0 Organizational Relationship:
5.1 Reports to the Maintenance Supervisor.