5 Ways You Can Increase Safety on a Tight Budget

When your team sets foot onto your worksite each day, their safety is in your hands. Tragically, 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The last thing you want is for one of your employees to become another statistic, so you need to do everything in your power to provide safe working conditions.

There’s a common misconception that increasing safety requires a hefty budget, but it doesn’t have to work like that. There’s plenty of cost-effective steps you can take to make your work environment a safer place for everyone.

5 Ways to Boost Safety Without Breaking Your Budget

Create a Thorough Training Program

You can’t expect new employees to walk in and just know how to do their jobs safely. Every company has different policies, procedures, and equipment, so even experienced professionals need training to work safely at your company.

Not just for new workers, regular training is essential for long-time employees, because refresher courses remind people of the importance of safety and correct any bad habits they’ve inadvertently developed since the last session. Training should also be provided every time employees take on a new responsibility or start working with a new piece of equipment.

Always Put Safety First

As the boss, employees look to you for guidance. If you look the other way when workers break the rules and don’t follow safety procedures, you’re validating reckless behavior. Using unsafe measures might be faster and less expensive, but it’s not worth having someone get hurt — or even killed.

Provide the Right Equipment

It’s impossible for workers to do their jobs safely — and effectively — without the proper tools. Depending on the current state of your equipment, this step might require a notable monetary investment, but you don’t have a choice. Allowing people to work with equipment not suited for the job is an accident waiting to happen.

Ask the Team for Input

No one has a better grasp on safety conditions at your company than the people actually doing the work. Meet with your employees on a regular basis to gain feedback on safety matters and input on ways to improve. This will allow you to cover all the bases to make sure no safety issues slip through the cracks.

Hire Safety-Minded Workers

If your team isn’t committed to the cause, it’s essentially impossible to maintain safe working conditions. Hiring employees who share your commitment to safety is a must, because without this attitude, there’s no motivation to follow standards put in place to keep everyone healthy. During the hiring process, look at candidates’ safety record, ask open-ended questions on safety matters, and speak with references to learn as much as possible about the person’s attitude toward safety.

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