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MAC Sectors

With our coast-to-coast capability, MAC Incorporated executes our total productive recruiting and staffing services for a select group of industries to gain further insight and perspective. Our process includes recruiters strategically assigned both a core position specialization and industry sector concentration to master and better serve you.

Whether you have short term project specific staffing needs or you are looking to build a department or team for the long term, MAC will deliver a strategic workforce solution to meet your most demanding human capital challenge.
Trade Affiliations
Plant Manager, Steel Industry

“MAC is a valued vendor partner with our company. Their unique combination of human resource and technical expertise enables us to make faster, better and smarter hiring decisions.”

- S. Waters

Industrial / Manufacturing

Fierce competition continues to drive manufacturers to be more efficient in their process management technologies and methods. From improving production lines, reducing lead times and inventories, to responding quickly to product and process changes, those organizations surrounded by talented engineering, maintenance, and operations management staff will have a competitive advantage. MAC Incorporated is an exceptional resource for front line maintenance mechanics and electricians, process and control engineers, as well as plant/ production management positions. For more information on our staffing & recruiting solutions for manufacturers & industrial organizations, click here

Food Processing

Since our inception, MAC Incorporated has partnered with a variety of food processing, packaging and distribution organizations. We understand how critical the reliability of equipment and machinery is to an FDA regulated environment. If your production lines go down, so does your bottom line. From front-line maintenance personnel to upper-level operations management, we help food manufacturers identify and acquire the most talented individuals in the industry, allowing them to optimize the efficiency of their operation. For more information on our staffing & recruiting solutions for food & beverage processing and packaging operations, click here.

Energy and Power

As both renewable and non-renewable energy demand continues to grow across the globe, so does the need for credible technical personnel. Our engineering, maintenance, and operation management staffing concentrations support organizations involved in energy production, development, and usage. We provide supplemental staff to organizations involved in the following energy sources: fossil fuels, electric power, bioenergy, solar, wind, hydropower, hydrogen, geothermal, natural gas, and fusion. As new technologies continue to emerge for increasing energy supplies, modernizing energy infrastructure, and ensuring optimal usage of energy resources, MAC Incorporated is the firm of choice for the technical human capital needed to support these advancements.

Oil and Gas Services

A number of the most recognizable organizations in the Oil & Gas sector call on MAC Incorporated to deliver top talent when they have needs for technical engineering, maintenance and operations management personnel. We are one of a select few firms within the industry with the expertise to provide project, contract-to-hire, and direct hire placement services to the oil and gas production and processing industries. MAC Incorporated provides services to upstream, downstream and integrated petrochemical markets. Our supplemental staff services provide key personnel with expertise in design, development, and retrofit of facilities, refineries, pipelines and offshore facilities .

Facility Management

Facility engineering, management, and maintenance are complex fields due to constant changes in technology, training and regulations. A lack of talented engineering and maintenance personnel at an office building, retail center, residential or resort property can negatively impact operations and lead to unhappy tenants, visitors, and guests. The same can be said for hospitals and healthcare facilities that lack proper facility engineering and maintenance personnel with their patients, visitors and staff. Regardless of the type of facility, MAC Incorporated is an exceptional resource for HVAC Techs, Stationary Engineers, Building Engineers, Boiler Techs, Project Managers and other engineering and skilled trade maintenance professionals.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace & defense operations, with its multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications are some of the most highly technical environments. Precision design and manufacturing calls for engineers, machinists, program managers, and operators at the highest level. MAC Incorporated has aerospace & defense clients as small as a job shop to as large as the U.S. Government. Whether you need a Sr. Mechanical Engineer for your design team, a VP of Program Management to interface with your military clients, or CNC Operator to machine precision parts, MAC Incorporated is a resource that is second-to-none.


Our core concentration in the engineering, maintenance, and operations fields enables MAC Incorporated to provide highly skilled on demand workforce solutions for the construction industry. Our services are designed to support the staffing needs of general building contractors, heavy and civil engineering contractors, as well as specialty trade contractors. Our flexible staffing programs are well positioned to help construction firms address the constant changes, business cycles, laws, and new regulations that affect the industry.


gov.htmlMAC Incorporated is a certified small business staffing firm with proven past performance servicing federal agencies and government contractors. We can provide both short-term and long term project assignments as well as assist government agencies in building their internal departments with our contract-to-hire service solutions. For more information, contact a MAC Incorporated government agency staffing specialist.