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To ensure the sustainability of operations, lean principles including JIT and TPM have challenged companies to reduce waste in time, effort, and cost, while improving quality to their customers. By applying these same principles to our own internal recruiting processes for engineering, maintenance, and operations management, MAC has retooled labor acquisition that is faster, better and smarter for our clients, known as Total Productive Recruiting (TPR)
Our processes are constantly being evaluated on a client- by-client basis to continuously improve efficiency and effec tiveness, and to add the flexibility that organizations need in today's marketplace.
The result is cost effective hiring solutions that allow our clients to reach their organizational goals and sustain desired performance levels from their workforce.
TPR Results
  • * Sustained desired performance levels
  • * Increased hiring flexibility
  • * Reduced overtime and opportunity costs
  • * Accelerated time to hire
  • * Optimized productivity
  • * Cultivation of talent